Camel Skin lamps made in Pakistan are renowned worldwide for the intricate 100% handmade done on then by skilled artisans no machine use. The art of decorating on camel skin is known as Naqashi Art local language and it is very valuable skill. Naqashi Art is great skill and delicacy, the skill of the handicraft of Mughals Empire of subcontinent. They are to be found in old Pakistani and Indian castles and different ancient cites i.e., Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Lahore and Multan. The different paintings made on the camel skin that is fixed atop the lamps represent the local culture of Multan city.

SIZE               RETAIL PRICE

6″                     37.161 US$

7″                     43.355 US$

8″                     49.548 US$

9″                      55.742 US$

11″                     61.935 US $




Please note this, these all are 100% handmade items, we cannot supply large quantities before order please confirm from company how much we can supply, after select your items.

Term of Payments

All payments should be in Advance Bank Transfer money gram, western Union.  Whole seller contacts us directly. Big Quantity we work on L/C bases.


In this price shipment and customs are not included, this is FOB. We can quote price upon a request depend on which country.


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